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Preparing for Auto Transport

There are precautions that you should take before shipping a vehicle. This ensures the safe arrival of your vehicle, in the same shape that you had left it at the auto transporters.

Antennas should be removed from the vehicle before it is delivered to the car shipping company. If the antenna is non removable, it should be lowered. This includes all antennas; satellite radio, cell phones, and CB radios. The car should be clean, and in working order. If the car is clean in appearance processing the car will be more efficient, and your car will be shipped quicker.

All non-permanent bike, luggage or ski racks should be removed. This includes cartop carriers, such as Thule, or Karrite. Spoilers or other add-ons to the car should also be removed before shipping a vehicle.

Certain things should be removed from the interior before shipping a vehicle. Car phones, personal effects, and removable radios, stereos and deck systems are left in at the risk of the vehicle owner. Many companies take no responsibility for items left in the vehicle during transit. If the vehicle has any cracked glass, most shipping companies take no responsibility for any broken or cracked windows or mirrors that develop from this infraction. The reasoning behind this rule being that prior to shipping a vehicle, it should be in good working order.

Good working order includes that all fluids are maintained. Coolant, antifreeze, oil, and washer fluid should be checked before the vehicle enters transit. Any damage that occurs at this time, because of the lack of fluids falls into the hands of the vehicle owner and not the auto shipper. If the car has an alarm, it should be deactivated. If you are unable to deactivate the alarm it is important that you inform the vehicle shipping company regarding any special measures required to stop the alarm.