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Auto Shipping Risks

There are certain risks that you ascertain when shipping your vehicle, even with a reputable vehicle shipping company.

The vehicle could be damaged. You have to read the fine print in the contract to ensure that if damaged, the vehicle will be covered by the insurance of the shipping company. This is not a cost that you want to have to pay, alone. Many car shipping companies offer insurance, but this lapses when the vehicle is not directly in transit. There have been instances of vehicles being damaged while in the parking lot of the company, and the company offering zero coverage to the owner.

The vehicle could be stolen, or the content of the vehicles stolen. This is the reason that many shipping companies state that there should be no items left in the car. This includes personal items, cargo, removable stereo components, cellular phones, or money. Some companies have gone so far as to refuse to ship the vehicle if these contents are in the car during the initial inspection.

The vehicle could be delayed somewhere along the way of the shipping process. Many companies do not guarantee a day of delivery. There have been instances of vehicles being more than two weeks late, or not being picked up for a week after the scheduled date.

If the vehicle is lost, damaged or stole shipping insurance becomes a way to reconcile the situation. It is very important that you purchase shipping insurance for the risk of any of these occurrences. In the instance that shipping insurance is not purchased, most companies will recommend, if not make it mandatory to purchase the auto shipping insurance to insure your investment. Upon realizing that the vehicle is damaged; get in touch with the shipping company to make a claim, the sooner that this is done the better as minor damages can often be taken care of without the extended claims period.